Acceptance of Removal Service and Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In light of the current ongoing Covid-19 health pandemic we wish to inform you of the following changes and guidance in line with our removal terms and conditions.

As you are aware the Government are continually reviewing their stance on the situation surrounding Coronavirus in order to manage and control the spread of the virus. Instructions from them may restrict our ability to deliver a service to you. Should such measures be implemented this will restrict our ability to meet our quotation and or supply services as originally detailed.

We may legally, be obliged to delay, suspend, or indeed cancel our services in such situation, we and our insurers will not be able to accept any liability for loses that may arise as a result. We therefore limit our liability accordingly. This will come into effect for any house, flat, communal building or complex that has any signs of Covid-19.

We also have a duty of care to our staff members and we therefore ask you to abide with the following protocols in order to conduct your removal over the coming weeks.

It is essential that you inform us if anyone within your household is suffering with any Coronavirus symptoms.

All the high touched areas in your home MUST be cleaned and disinfected to a satisfactory level prior to your removal teams arrival.

Do not be offended if our staff reclean these areas and do other areas of your house they feel the need to.

Please have running water and a sink available for our staff to wash their hands as they will be doing this regularly.

There is to be only ONE single person at the original property and new property. This must be the same person who lives at the properties and we would expect them to adhere to the social distancing guidelines, maintaining a two metre distance from staff members at all times and in addition to be wearing suitable PPE (masks and gloves at the time). We advise that where possible they stay in one room whilst the team complete the relocation of items.

At the new property, Rooms must be labelled and a floorpan given to our foreman to reduce customer complaints.